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If your launch season has been anything like the one here in the Northeast, the spring weather has kept you from getting a jump on things. Marinas and yacht clubs alike seem to be putting their boats in right up until the Fourth of July weekend and beyond!

That tends to put a strain on your prime money maker – the travel lift. We see it every year, some marinas service in anticipation for launch season, while others wait because their lift appears to be working just fine. You’re getting the most out of the perennial workhorse, right?

We all understand the need to get the boats in at any cost, but a broken lift is going to leave you scrambling. Don’t be pennywise and pound foolish, make sure your lift is operational at all times.

The call for 2016 in the Atlantic is for 12 named storms, 5 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes. East coast, Florida and the gulf states, don’t get caught with your travel lift down!

Below is a reminder – a checklist if you will – we at US Hoists think should help keep you operational and hopefully away from unnecessary trouble:

  • Cracked hoses? (yes, that picture above is on a real travel lift). These are too often neglected, but put them in the “easily replaced” category and order new ones.
  • Carefully inspect the hydraulics on your lift for signs of leaks. Most often it is obvious, but look closer for problems to fix now, not later.
  • If you haven’t done so already, change all gear oil and filters. Done on an annual basis.
  • Frayed, checked and damaged tires? We see far too many near rotted and still in operation. Don’t risk it! Rising oil prices mean rising tire prices. In addition, change those tires now to avoid a blowout literally and financially.
  • Wire rope frayed, flat, tangled, twisted? Fix it!
  • Take stock of when you last replaced your slings, change them or order spares just in case.
  • Is the engine purring like it should. This is a great time to perform some regular maintenance or do that repair you’ve been putting off.

As always, US Hoists is here to assist. We can troubleshoot a problem, supply or help source a part, do a full inspection and safety service, order new slings or get you some new boat stands for the fall haul out season. Stuck?Therefore, call our parts and service team – they WILL figure out your problem.

If your travel lift has seen better days, we also offer new machines. Travel lifts of all sizes (20 metric-ton capacity and up), self-propelled motorized trailers for almost any size boat – all with remote control, 90-degree steering standard that self-level with full crabbing capability. We also carry a special line of patented amphibious trailers that do the work of a travel lift and a trailer on your ramp – no piers needed!

If nothing else, follow through on some of the items on the checklist above. You owe it to your customers, safety of your lift operators and to keep your business booming into the fall.

If you need help with travel lift parts, service or a new machine give us a call at 631-472-3030. Or visit our website at–we have live chat ready to relay your information to our team or simply email us at [email protected].

Have a great summer!

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