Used Equipment for Sale

Contact us today for a complete list of used equipment ranging from travel lifts to fork lifts to trailers. We can help your marina, shipyard or yacht club purchase the appropriate piece of equipment to fit your customer’s needs.

US Hoists can help sell your travel lift! If you are looking to list your machine, we’ll market it through all possible channels, including our website to give you the best possible exposure to the used travel lift market.

What We Provide

Call today with your travel lift information, and we can discuss and assess the parts you need. If you want to get your old travel lift in sale-able condition, we offer an extensive inventory of both new and used parts as follows:

• Lifting Slings
• Wire Rope
• Sheaves
• Mounting Pins
• Tires
• Tubes
• Flaps
• Chains
• Sprockets
• Bearings
• Winch Brakes
• Hydraulic Tubing
• Hoses
• Filters
• Cylinders
• Hydraulic Pumps
• Drive Motors
We will work through our extensive vendor list to source precisely what you need or find it from the existing parts we stock on our shelves. From there, we can arrange fast and reliable shipping.

Maintenance Services – We began as a custom fabrication company, so we understand the need for refurbished parts with vintage machines. If your travel lift requires a specific part not listed on our website, call us, and we will put our years of knowledge to find the best personalized solution possible. Where necessary, we have highly qualified technicians and a custom fabrication shop that can recreate nearly any part for your travel lift.

New Equipment

If the used market isn’t for you, we have an extensive line of brand new travel lifts, self-propelled motorized trailers. With our products, customer service, and over 50 years of experience, you will never have to worry about your boat hauling needs again.

Call US Hoists Today

We provide fast, reliable maintenance with our comprehensive field service program. With over 50 years of experience and as the legacy company for ACME Marine Hoists, you can look to us to provide everything from safety inspections to machine repairs for any brand of travel lift with our always mobile and friendly service crew.

At US Hoists, we take pride that when you call us, there will be a real person on the other side to answer your questions. Contact us today for a complete list of new or used equipment. We can help your marina, shipyard or yacht club purchase the appropriate piece of equipment to fit your customer’s needs.

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