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We have enjoyed a relatively stress-free hurricane season up to this point, but with the advent of the high hurricane season, you can never be too careful. When a storm threatens, it is important to ensure your most valuable piece of equipment – the travel lift – is working at peak condition. You don’t want to be caught waiting until the last minute to get boats out of the water, or worse left with boats stranded in the water due to a broken travel lift.

To ensure your travel lift remains operational as you get ready for the quick hurricane haul out it is important to keep in mind the 6 P’s for success – prior proper planning prevents poor performance. Here at US Hoists we put together a checklist of sorts to help you avoid poor performance from your lift when you need it most:

  • Winch Brakes – Whether it’s our car or travel lift, we are all guilty of going too long between brake jobs. This is a critical path item for safety. Check your brakes regularly to avoid any problems ahead of a big storm.
  • Wire Rope – The last thing you want when you’re rushing to get boats out of the water is for a frayed or tangled rope slowing down the process.
  • Slings Condition – When was the last time you replaced your slings? Change them and order spares just in case. Remember you can never be too prepared during a potential stressful storm season.
  • Leaking seals – Carefully take the time to inspect your lift for signs of leaks.

As always, US Hoists is here to assist. We can do a full inspection and safety service, troubleshoot any problem, supply or help source a part, order new slings and someGalvanized Boat Stands for the hurricane haul out season.

If you need help with travel lift parts, service or a new machine give us a call at 631-472-3030. Visit us on the web at–we have live chat ready to relay your information to our team or simply email us at [email protected].

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