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At U.S. Hoists, we’re extremely flexible to customize any build to your specs and will help design what you need to use the product to your best benefit successfully. That being said, often it is hard to know just which of our travel lifts will work best for you.

Travel Lift Specifications

To make it easier, we break down our travel lifts into the categories below. While these are standard sizes, the lift you need for your marina or shipyard could vary based on some factors. While features are consistent across all models, we begin with a breaking them into the following groups based on capacity. All machines are in metric tons.

25, 30, 40, 60, 80 & 110 Ton

Ideal for small to mid-size marinas and local shipyards servicing small to mid-size power boats and sailboats

140, 220 & 300 Ton

Commercial fishing vessels, large scale yachts, and military vessels. Ideal for the needs of boat builders, shipyards, and larger marinas.

400-ton and Up

Designed for larger yards that frequently move and sustain heavy commercial vessels and super yachts. Call us to discuss how we can design and build a travel lift with exactly the specifications you are looking for.

U.S. Hoists

If you are having trouble determining exactly what your needs are with our travel lifts, give us a call. We have experts on the line at any given time ready to inform you of the specifications of our models and how they will best benefit you. Are you looking to upgrade your current travel lift or in need of a new travel lift for your marina? Just call us today, and we will help you determine the best travel lift to fit the needs of your shipyard or marina.

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