15-ton, Self-Propelled Motorized Trailer

15-ton Transporter Available Immediately!

Move and store boats with ease! This remote control, self-propelled motorized trailer is designed to maximize space in your yard. Equipped with 90-degree steering, this machine will allow you to launch and haul boats faster, adding revenue while also saving time, manpower and money. Excellent for maneuvering in tight workspaces. Works well on gravel or asphalt, up to a 5% grade. Multidirectional 90-degree steering and width expansion to multiple beam widths and extensions for sailboats gives you all the flexibility you need in one machine.



  • Remote-Controlled
  • 15 Metric-Ton Capacity (33,000 lbs.)
  • YANMAR 3TNM72 (23 hp) Tier3 Diesel Engine
  • Solid Tires
  • 90-degree, all-wheel drive, frontal steering, backward steering, diagonal movement, lateral movement
  • Steering groups operated by motorized turntables.
  • Self-leveling system keeps load level on uneven terrain
  • Reclining telescopic hydraulic supports are electronically remote controlled (with safety valve)
  • Removable cross-beam
  • Sailboat extensions
  • Located on Long Island, New York



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