Available for purchase immediately (video above is of the actual machine for sale)

Serviced annually and at 300 hours, this travel lift is practically new. The machine has a 28-foot inside clear width, but a new crossbeam can be fit at no extra cost to fit your piers. Based in Italy and available to be shipped in one month (add extra time if new crossbeam is needed).

  • 60 metric ton capacity (66 US tons or 132,000 lbs.)
  • 28-foot inside clear width
  • Remote control + cable control (contingency if radio goes out but can also be operated from the engine cabin in an emergency)
  • All 4-lifting blocks are mobile
  • Extended upper-beam for sailboats
  • Remote assistance system (troubleshoot via internet)
  • 1-year warranty
  • Machine is less than 4-years old with 300 working hours and serviced annually.

Under $200,000.00 including freight, assembly and matching your width with a new crossbeam.

Call 631-472-3030 (press 2) or inquire at info@ushoists.com


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